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Ways to Choose your Exercise Bike

According to the founder of inLIFE Wellness Studio, Scott Capelin, most people only start focusing on their health when they realize it’s time to start improving their physical condition. However, there are many questions that arise when they start to follow a training program or simply stop doing their usual exercise. After you start focusing on your health, many of you might ask yourself about what exercises to do when you get back to your training regime. There are many questions and here in this article, Scott Capelin will tell you everything you need to know about choosing an exercise bike for yourself. 

Exercise bike

The best way to stay healthy and maintain a good physique is by riding a bicycle. With built-in programs, exercise cycles can be used to simulate various conditions such as speed, incline, and calorie targets, Scott Capelin says. They can also be transported from one place to another.  Sports too are very important for maintaining and improving your fitness. Being an athlete is no different from being a healthy and fit person. Athletes can be considered benchmarks for fitness and stamina.


Getting in shape can be challenging, considering how maintaining a healthy and balanced diet feels impossible with these days’ turbulent lifestyle. However, the final goal of your fitness journey is to be healthy. Consider investing in an exercise cycle.

Having an exercise cycle at home can help you get in shape quickly. It is a portable workout tool, hence effortless to take anywhere. Once you make the decision to start having an exercise routine with a cycle, you would not regret it.

1. Helps you lose weight

Paddling your exercise cycle for 30 to 40 minutes a day is the most efficient way to enhance your health, both physically and mentally, recommended by fitness trainer and founder of inLIFE Wellness Studio – Scott Capelin. In case you are looking for weight loss solutions, consider cycling! It tackles your full body muscles and could be a fun exercise when paired with the right music and visionary.

Exercises that require lots of strength and effort, like cycling, often motivate you to choose more nutritious, healthier food options. Specifically, fresh produce instead of processed goods, as their nutrition value is significantly lower than organic things.

Practice discipline by setting the goal of being healthy instead of losing weight. For the majority, people stop their progress as they expect immediate results. Adopt a balanced, nutritious diet and workout regularly for the sake of your health, you would see progress before you know it.

2. Boost performance and stamina

An exercise cycle can be very useful not only for people trying to get back in shape but also for people that are trying to build stamina and preparing themselves for becoming cross country cyclists. Many athletes and professional cyclists use exercise cycles to boost their performances and stamina. It is a great option for people to exercise their legs and core as a strong core and muscle can help an athlete to be one step ahead of their competition.

Tips to choose a perfect exercise bike for you

Whenever you raid a market to find something you wish to get the best out of your value, do some research and find the best available options. While purchasing an exercise bike there are many aspects you should consider. Here are some things to be considered while buying an exercise bike for you or your family.

1. Always prefer durability

There are many things to consider while buying an exercise bike, durability being one of the most important ones. It is important to stay fit in order to participate in sports and games with your full contribution. Types of equipment like treadmills and exercise bikes are a big part of it.

However, such investments require regular use. What happens if that exercise bike that you got breaks down 3 weeks into use? That is not only a waste of money but also an interference with your fitness motivation. There is a reason why people prioritize durability over anything else, not only for bikes but also many other investments.

2. Comfort

This is another box that needs to be checked when looking for any piece of fitness. There are 3 scientifically proven factors that motivate exercising: determination, discipline, and comfort. Meaning, you would need to craft the image of your final goal, in order to be determined and disciplined working toward it.

Then there is comfort, which is heavily dependent on the machines that you have. Always check to see if the pedals feel comfortable for your feet, or is the equipment working smoothly, also, see if the machine has an adjustable speed meter.

Checking all these things is not only important for your comfort but also to prevent any type of muscle injury.

3. Size and portability

Another thing to put into consideration is portability and size. See what size works best for you and ensure that it is easy to carry around.

There are many bikes in the market that are small in size and can be carried around in your car, while others are nearly foldable and can be taken out easily. Find the best bike for you in the budget you are willing to spend after doing research and considering every option available in the market.

Wrap-up Buying anything can be confusing because of the availability of various options in the market. You should always do research before purchasing, as it can help save money and find the best deal available. In this article, Scott Capelin talked about some tips when buying an exercise bike and everything you need to know about exercising cycles.

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Scott Capelin Fitness Entrepreneur

How to make it as a Fitness Entrepreneur?

According to fitness trainer – Scott Capelin, today’s generations are making their health a priority more than ever and are willing to spend more on wellness and fitness. These trends have given rise to more companies and brands who continue to adapt to the consumer’s changing needs. It’s not surprising many are willing to dive into the world of fitness and provide values to consumers. If you are one of those who is ready to take on this promising career but don’t know how to kick start, you are at the right place. We spoke to the expert in the field, Scott Capelin, an accomplished entrepreneur, and health and fitness expert who gives exciting insight on how you can become a fitness entrepreneur. 

“Being a business owner in the fitness industry is far different from being a fitness coach. As a fitness entrepreneur, the primary aim is to launch and drive a thriving business and build a path to follow through no matter the challenges. Having a generalized approach or going through it like a fitness coach might be detrimental to the business growth,” Scott Capelin explains. 

Here are expert tips from Scott Capelin on how to start a successful fitness entrepreneur journey:

1. Discover your Niche

The fitness industry is vast and the competition has become more intense over the years.  From those selling gym equipment to physical disabilities training to athletes, different businesses are popping up to provide values to their audience. Therefore, before anything, you need to understand the ins and outs of your ideas and know the audience you want to cater for. When it comes to fitness, one-size-fit-all will not cut the drill. You need to know the audience you want to focus on and the services you are looking to provide. Be an expert in a specific field, find the niche that are interested in what you have to offer and get to work on it. This way, you will be able to set yourself apart amidst the competition, says Scott Capelin.

2. Provide Values

Always ask yourself- are your services providing value to the audience? Whether you are educating your audience or growing your social media following, you should work towards meeting people’s needs and solving their problems. It’s not about posting a few workout videos online, you need to be able to provide health tips, food nutritional values, and education on how to work out effectively, how-to videos and so much more. Your audience will only be interested in you when they discover you are personally interested in their growth. 

3. Promote your Idea

For your business to grow, you need to promote your brand. Whether online or offline, know where your audience is and position yourself accordingly. The fitness industry is huge and there are a lot of people who are likely offering the same or similar products or services. For your business to be seen, you need to promote yourself on the right channel. The good thing is the social media has come in handy to provide various opportunities to create brand awareness and grow. 

4. Keep Educating Yourself

This is one area you don’t want to take for granted if you want to keep up with the highly competitive industry. There are a lot of businesses who claim to be the best with nothing to show for it. Your business should be result-based and you can only attract new clients and retain existing ones when they see results. Besides, you need to keep abreast of the Industry trends, training and any other advancement. “The fitness industry keeps evolving, so should you”, Scott Capelin advises.

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Exercise Choices

Ultimate Exercise Choices

The fitness expert – Scott Capelin, talks a lot about being in great physical shape as that is our approach to health. There are hundreds of other things we can do for our health, which are all valid that I have not touched on here. Things such as massage, getting a colonic, acupuncture, chiro, physio, osteopathy, gut health, infra-red sauna … the list goes on.

Most health issues these days relate to heart health and weight-related illnesses, which is why the foundation of peak health is being in great physical shape, says Scott Capelin. Through my work I see people become lighter, stronger, more flexible, and have more stamina and endurance. I am yet to see a person in peak physical shape who does not feel incredible.

This, then leads to the question—what type of exercise should you do?

You may think this is going to be a lengthy section of the book, and it could be. However, Scott Capelin keeping it brief.

The best long-term exercise regimens are the ones that you enjoy. It doesn’t matter how good something is for you because if you don’t enjoy your weekly exercise plan, chances are it will not last long, says Scott Capelin. If your goal is to live at a healthy weight, remember that nutrition is 90 percent of this. Exercise is just the icing on the cake. If you get your nutrition right, you can do what you like for exercise. Eating in the manner we have outlined in previous chapters of this book can get you to a healthy weight. However, it does not make you fit, strong, and flexible. Exercise does that.

Just one mode or method of exercise will never complete the entire health and wellness picture. If all you do is walk every day, you will lack strength. If you only lift heavy weights, you won’t work the smaller muscles and will run the risk of injury. If you only do yoga, you won’t stimulate your metabolism as much as you could by incorporating more resistance training. If you only do Pilates, you will get strong in a certain way, but lack strength in other areas. And if you have no balance or mobility, it doesn’t matter how strong you are, you will blow over in a stiff wind!

Many people have been conditioned to believe you have to smash yourself with high intensity exercise in order to achieve good results. You do not! There is a much smarter, more enjoyable, sustainable way to exercise. In fact, the higher the intensity of the exercise you do, the more muscle you burn, which lowers your metabolism, and your appetite will increase from the harder training. It’s not a good combination!

The Ideal Exercise Combo

Scott Capelin spent many years training fitness models–they don’t do 10-kilometer road runs. They do the right kind of resistance training, their nutrition is spot on, and they do low-intensity cardio. It is the perfect recipe for fat loss and having a wonderful body shape. Plus, it allows you to remain injury-free, and it’s a sustainable approach.

And Scott meet a lot of people in their thirties, forties, and fifties, who have done years of high intensity exercise and are now looking for a more sustainable, low-impact, enjoyable, and body-friendly exercise regimen. It is a bit of a mental shift to do exercise that does not involve heavy weights or getting your heart rate so high that you are close to vomiting, and clients are often surprised when the results are better.

Lots of people exercising 10 times per week and not only does their body not change physically, but also sometimes it gets worse. This is a function of the types of training they do and the way they eat. I also see people who exercise three or four times per week and have their nutrition spot on. They have amazing bodies and keep them that way for the long term.

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Philosophy of life

Scott Capelin sharing his Philosophy for Fulfilment

Scott Capelin is an experienced wellness coach, life coach and business mentor who helps others master the areas of health, relationships and living a life with passion. His purpose is to maximise the abundance, joy and happiness of those he helps, by creating a balance that aligns with their own. With a deep understanding of human values, Scott helps his clients craft the life they desire with clarity and focus. He openly reflects on his experiences and the pressure of his own life’s’ challenges after making mistakes with money, health and intimacy.

The fitness expert, Scott provides the accountability and tactical support he wished he’d had through the wins, losses, success and failures in his own life. With a university degree and time spent building several businesses in the fitness, consulting, and beauty sectors, his education and experience in health and wellness has helped thousands of people unlock the door to a passionate life they love. Scott takes a birds eye view of the routines and rituals of his clients, identifying the root cause of struggles whilst focusing on what’s important and their individual goals.

And Scott Capelin is the founder of global wellness brand In Shape, In Love, Inspired! Since 1994, he has supported over 1000 health coaching clients, business owners, franchise directors, corporate thought-leaders and industry educators in creating meaningful and authentic relationships with themselves and those around them. He also operates inLIFE Wellness, a boutique health and wellness studio in Menai, that gives personal and focused fitness, strength conditioning and wellness programs to people wanting to change their lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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