Workout after COVID Vaccine

Can you Workout After COVID Vaccine?

According to experts including Scott Capelin, it depends on your side effects that whether can workout after COVID Vaccine or not. The Covid vaccine can cause side effects such as fatigue, headaches and fever, as well as soreness and tenderness in the arm.

While these are short term side effects that usually only last a couple of days, they are side effects that might make you feel like you don’t want to exercise.

But interestingly, preliminary research and papers indicate that physical exercise has the potential to improve the vaccine outcome, says Scott Capelin, the fitness expert.

Link between exercising and a positive vaccine outcome

Years of research in the field of exercise – and studies looking at the effects of exercise on the immune system specifically – have shown that the immune system is responsive to the effects of exercise, which you likely know. Regular exercise and a balanced diet = a healthy immune system, right?

Well, sure, but there’s more to it than that. “In the 2009 swine flu epidemic, those who exercised regularly were found to have lower rates of infection – and less severe infections, says Scott Capelin.

However, what type of vaccine is best assisted by exercise is unknown, and that there is no agreed consensus on the amount or type of exercise that might be required, or when it needs to be undertaken.

Not to mention the fact that during exercise, there is a subtle increase in stress hormones, leading to the release of interleukin -6 (IL -6). “This is a potent anti-inflammatory mediator – meaning that, after exercise, chronic inflammation is dampened down for several hours,” explains Scott Capelin.

Bottom line:

if, post-vaccination, the arm pain subsides, or you have no side effects, Scott Capelin says you should feel free to train. If you do experience side effects, however, then it is advised to wait until they subside before you go back into full training.

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