Pushup Variations

Pushups for Muscle Growth

“Staying healthy should be everybody’s foremost goal,” declares Scott Capelin. Mr. Capelin is a fitness, health, and business expert. To stay healthy, you need to eat healthily and be fit. When you eat right without exercising, you’re not fit. Exercise helps in digestion and staying in shape. It also reduces your visits to the doctors.

There are different kinds of exercises you can do. Sportsmen or sportswomen have different routines. For example, a weightlifter would want to train his upper body strength to facilitate weight lifting. While a gymnast will engage in stretching exercises to increase flexibility.

The workout of someone who wants to lose weight differs from a body builder’s.

Developing your muscles is a part of exercising. Make sure you get it right, else you may end up with overdevelopment hence damaging your muscle.

One way of developing your muscles is through pushups. It’s a form of exercise that requires endurance, strength, and consistency.

Categories of Pushup for Different Muscles

There are many types of pushups depending on your desired muscle type.

For example, there is a pushup for developing lower muscles.

If you’re interested in building your upper muscles, the pushup is different from developing lower muscles.

Here are the 6 different types of pushups for different muscles suggested by Scott Capelin:

1. Wide Push-up

This pushup is for building the chest muscles.

Instructions: Position yourself on the floor. Settle your physique in a pushup elevated plank posture. Join your feet and let your neck be straight. Align yourself with this posture. Put both palms on the floor. Widen the distance between both hands. The distance should be more than your shoulder widths. Let the tips of your fingers face up. Gradually lower your chest to the floor. Tilt your elbows and slowly breathe in. Halt for a minute or two depending on your endurance. After that, gradually raise your chest from the lowered position to your former rising posture. Exhale slowly as you bring your upper body up. Bunch up your middle to flow with your body movements.

2. Biceps Muscle Building Push- up

This pushup is used to develop the muscles of your biceps.

Instructions: Put yourself in an elevated plank posture. Align your body the same as in the wide push up above. Breathe in, tilt your elbows little by little, and gradually lay your upper body to the floor. Your biceps should be perpendicular to the floor. Fold both elbows inline with your chest and glance at your legs, recommended by Scott Capelin.

3. Tricep Muscle-Building Push- up

This push is used to develop the tricep muscles.

Instructions: Position your body, hands, feet, and neck the same way you do a wide pushup. Put both palms downwards beneath your chest. Link your fingers and thumbs in a triangle. Gradually put your upper body on the floor and inhale. Align your elbows and waist. Stop a bit after lowering. Afterward, slowly exhale and lift your upper body.

4. Shoulder Muscles Building Push-up

Place yourself in the same elevated positions as in the other pushups. Align your body parts the same as in a wide pushup. Let the tips of your fingers face up and widen the distance between each elbow. Position each foot in the direction of each hand. Raise your hips and shape your legs and hands in a V shape. Gradually put down your chest and torso to the floor. Bend your elbows and breathe in. Tuck in your elbows and straighten the lowered torso. Stay in that position for a minute. Then gradually rise to the elevated posture and exhale while doing so.

5. Arm Muscles Building Push-up

This is done to strengthen the arm muscles.

Instructions: Situate yourself in the standard elevated posture with joint feet and aligned body. Put both palms on the exercise mat.

Widen the distance between each palm. This posture is named an elevated posture. Start from the left-hand side and gradually slide your upper body to the ground. Tilt your left elbow and inhale. While doing this, raise your right hand and unbend it. Uphold the posture for a minute then rise to the elevated position. Repeat the procedures for your right arm.

6. Back Muscle Building Push-up

This pushup exercise is performed to develop the back muscle.

Instructions: Situate yourself in an elevated position as if you are performing arm muscle-building push-ups. Arrange both palms exactly as you would during wide pushups. Put your head one meter behind both hands. Breathe in as you gradually place your upper body on the floor. Unbend yourself and tighten your torso. Stay like that for a minute, then gradually rise to the previous elevated posture. “Don’t forget to exhale,” advised Scott Capelin.


The push-up exercise is a wonderful way of staying healthy and building muscles. Consistently do pushups for at least 30 every day to see good results.

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best time to exercise

What’s the Best Time to Exercise?

According to fitness trainer – Scott Capelin, we all dream of a good-looking and healthy physique, but in this busy lifestyle not many people have time to maintain it, people find it difficult to find the perfect time to exercise that can be the most beneficial for them. With the effects of the corona pandemic, people are now more aware and concerned about their health and people are getting more and more attentive towards their exercise routine.

To maximize the effects of your efforts in the gym today Scott Capelin will talk about and tell you about the best time to exercise.

Morning and Evening Workout

Whenever we talk about exercise and getting in shape the first time that comes to our mind is in the morning. Working out and exercising in the morning has its own benefits, and here we will talk about it first.

1. Makes you Feel Active throughout the Day

The most important benefit of working out and exercising in the morning is that it keeps you active throughout the day, says Scott Capelin. When you wake up and work out all the muscles are stretched and all the laziness that you feel is gone it not only makes you and your body feel good but also it makes you more productive throughout the day. 

2. Help you Create a Fitness Routine

People that work out in the morning are more consistent with working out, there is no room for people to skip workouts that helps the people to be a little more consistent. In this busy schedule, there are chances that you have to miss the workout if you work out in the evening because of your busy schedule or some important work. Chances to miss morning workouts are way less because it is the first thing that you will do.

Evening Workout Benefits

1. You Burn more Calories

Evening workouts are said to be more beneficial according to science, there are many aspects to that and here we will talk about one of the most important aspects. Working out in the evening can help you burn more calories. If you are focusing on working out to lose weight then working out in the evening can be best for you. You can burn extra calories that you have eaten all day to keep your body in shape.

2. Helps you Sleep Well

Another important benefit that working out in the evening is that it ensures you a better sleep. When you work out your body and all of the muscles get tired. Heavy workouts in the evening can drain all the energy that you have used while working out. And as we all know that to regain energy our body demands sleep. Getting back all exhausted from the gym will prepare your body to sleep well that can not only help your body to regain energy but will also help your body to remain fresh throughout the day which can be good for your body and your work. 


Studies have shown that the best time to work out is from 2 pm to 6 pm but in my opinion, the best time to workout and exercise is whenever you can. It is way better than not working out. No matter which time you workout, it can be morning it can be evening be consistent and regular with it and follow your routine. Apart from that if you are working out always take a healthy diet because without that healthy diet your routine is of no work. By sticking to and following the diet and routine you can achieve a good physique that you have dreamed of always. There are a lot of pros and cons of working out in the different parts of the day but here we will advise you to stick to the time and be regular here in the above article, Scott Capelin talked about the best time of the day to work out and everything you need to know about it. 

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Exercise Bike

Ways to Choose your Exercise Bike

According to the founder of inLIFE Wellness Studio, Scott Capelin, most people only start focusing on their health when they realize it’s time to start improving their physical condition. However, there are many questions that arise when they start to follow a training program or simply stop doing their usual exercise. After you start focusing on your health, many of you might ask yourself about what exercises to do when you get back to your training regime. There are many questions and here in this article, Scott Capelin will tell you everything you need to know about choosing an exercise bike for yourself. 

Exercise bike

The best way to stay healthy and maintain a good physique is by riding a bicycle. With built-in programs, exercise cycles can be used to simulate various conditions such as speed, incline, and calorie targets, Scott Capelin says. They can also be transported from one place to another.  Sports too are very important for maintaining and improving your fitness. Being an athlete is no different from being a healthy and fit person. Athletes can be considered benchmarks for fitness and stamina.


Getting in shape can be challenging, considering how maintaining a healthy and balanced diet feels impossible with these days’ turbulent lifestyle. However, the final goal of your fitness journey is to be healthy. Consider investing in an exercise cycle.

Having an exercise cycle at home can help you get in shape quickly. It is a portable workout tool, hence effortless to take anywhere. Once you make the decision to start having an exercise routine with a cycle, you would not regret it.

1. Helps you lose weight

Paddling your exercise cycle for 30 to 40 minutes a day is the most efficient way to enhance your health, both physically and mentally, recommended by fitness trainer and founder of inLIFE Wellness Studio – Scott Capelin. In case you are looking for weight loss solutions, consider cycling! It tackles your full body muscles and could be a fun exercise when paired with the right music and visionary.

Exercises that require lots of strength and effort, like cycling, often motivate you to choose more nutritious, healthier food options. Specifically, fresh produce instead of processed goods, as their nutrition value is significantly lower than organic things.

Practice discipline by setting the goal of being healthy instead of losing weight. For the majority, people stop their progress as they expect immediate results. Adopt a balanced, nutritious diet and workout regularly for the sake of your health, you would see progress before you know it.

2. Boost performance and stamina

An exercise cycle can be very useful not only for people trying to get back in shape but also for people that are trying to build stamina and preparing themselves for becoming cross country cyclists. Many athletes and professional cyclists use exercise cycles to boost their performances and stamina. It is a great option for people to exercise their legs and core as a strong core and muscle can help an athlete to be one step ahead of their competition.

Tips to choose a perfect exercise bike for you

Whenever you raid a market to find something you wish to get the best out of your value, do some research and find the best available options. While purchasing an exercise bike there are many aspects you should consider. Here are some things to be considered while buying an exercise bike for you or your family.

1. Always prefer durability

There are many things to consider while buying an exercise bike, durability being one of the most important ones. It is important to stay fit in order to participate in sports and games with your full contribution. Types of equipment like treadmills and exercise bikes are a big part of it.

However, such investments require regular use. What happens if that exercise bike that you got breaks down 3 weeks into use? That is not only a waste of money but also an interference with your fitness motivation. There is a reason why people prioritize durability over anything else, not only for bikes but also many other investments.

2. Comfort

This is another box that needs to be checked when looking for any piece of fitness. There are 3 scientifically proven factors that motivate exercising: determination, discipline, and comfort. Meaning, you would need to craft the image of your final goal, in order to be determined and disciplined working toward it.

Then there is comfort, which is heavily dependent on the machines that you have. Always check to see if the pedals feel comfortable for your feet, or is the equipment working smoothly, also, see if the machine has an adjustable speed meter.

Checking all these things is not only important for your comfort but also to prevent any type of muscle injury.

3. Size and portability

Another thing to put into consideration is portability and size. See what size works best for you and ensure that it is easy to carry around.

There are many bikes in the market that are small in size and can be carried around in your car, while others are nearly foldable and can be taken out easily. Find the best bike for you in the budget you are willing to spend after doing research and considering every option available in the market.

Wrap-up Buying anything can be confusing because of the availability of various options in the market. You should always do research before purchasing, as it can help save money and find the best deal available. In this article, Scott Capelin talked about some tips when buying an exercise bike and everything you need to know about exercising cycles.

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Protein at Breakfast for Muscle Growth

My name is Scott Capelin, an Australian-based health and fitness expert. My job is to train people and help them develop a healthy, balanced lifestyle. For today, I want to focus on the topic of breakfast: its importance, the myths surrounding it and mostly, the benefits of protein in your breakfast.

Despite being the key nutritious source for muscle growth, protein is not frequently added as part of everyone’s breakfast. Protein intake through breakfast can improve the energy quantity throughout the day, says Scott Capelin – fitness expert.

Myths and Myth Busters

There was a myth that says that skipping breakfast can make you lose weight. However, studies have shown us that skipping breakfast does not contribute to losing weight.

Facts about Breakfast

In a recent study of 2019, researchers had compared the physical states of breakfast eaters with breakfast skippers. Eventually, they found that people who do not skip breakfast usually develop an appetite for healthier food choices and improved sleep quality.

Importance of Protein in Breakfast

1- More protein in the breakfast means fewer calories throughout the day

Protein consumption during breakfast can help stop the hormone ghrelin. Ghrelin is labelled as a hunger hormone. It is produced mainly by the stomach with a small amount also released by the small intestine, says Scott Capelin.

2- Manages your blood sugar level

Studies have shown that protein helps in maintaining blood sugar levels, it slows down the body’s absorption of carbohydrates. This helps to keep blood sugar levels even.

3- Boosts your workout

Protein is one of the greatest sources of energy, so there is no doubt that it contributes to protein muscle growth and mass and the maintenance of the body. Many athletes depend on protein to increase muscle growth and will often consume a protein shake or a protein bar before hitting the gym or the match.

4- Helps you manage weight

Protein helps you manage weight and improve muscle growth. If you want to increase your weight you can increase the amount of protein intake throughout the day and if you want to lose you can decrease its intake throughout the day.

Pair protein with complex carbohydrates

The human body is designed in such a way that if you eat food like a doughnut, sugary cereals your body uses the carbohydrates quickly, says Scott Capelin. But if you eat food like vegetables, fruits, and grain bread your body will take longer to metabolize the carbohydrates. So pairing your protein with complex carbohydrates not only helps you feel satisfied until lunch but will also help your body to feels and keep energetic throughout the day. If paired correctly it will also help your muscle growth and boost your muscle capacity that will help you work throughout the day without feeling less energetic. But high protein can improve your cholesterol levels so when you consume too much protein make sure you don’t overdose on the protein.

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Scott Capelin Fitness Entrepreneur

How to make it as a Fitness Entrepreneur?

According to fitness trainer – Scott Capelin, today’s generations are making their health a priority more than ever and are willing to spend more on wellness and fitness. These trends have given rise to more companies and brands who continue to adapt to the consumer’s changing needs. It’s not surprising many are willing to dive into the world of fitness and provide values to consumers. If you are one of those who is ready to take on this promising career but don’t know how to kick start, you are at the right place. We spoke to the expert in the field, Scott Capelin, an accomplished entrepreneur, and health and fitness expert who gives exciting insight on how you can become a fitness entrepreneur. 

“Being a business owner in the fitness industry is far different from being a fitness coach. As a fitness entrepreneur, the primary aim is to launch and drive a thriving business and build a path to follow through no matter the challenges. Having a generalized approach or going through it like a fitness coach might be detrimental to the business growth,” Scott Capelin explains. 

Here are expert tips from Scott Capelin on how to start a successful fitness entrepreneur journey:

1. Discover your Niche

The fitness industry is vast and the competition has become more intense over the years.  From those selling gym equipment to physical disabilities training to athletes, different businesses are popping up to provide values to their audience. Therefore, before anything, you need to understand the ins and outs of your ideas and know the audience you want to cater for. When it comes to fitness, one-size-fit-all will not cut the drill. You need to know the audience you want to focus on and the services you are looking to provide. Be an expert in a specific field, find the niche that are interested in what you have to offer and get to work on it. This way, you will be able to set yourself apart amidst the competition, says Scott Capelin.

2. Provide Values

Always ask yourself- are your services providing value to the audience? Whether you are educating your audience or growing your social media following, you should work towards meeting people’s needs and solving their problems. It’s not about posting a few workout videos online, you need to be able to provide health tips, food nutritional values, and education on how to work out effectively, how-to videos and so much more. Your audience will only be interested in you when they discover you are personally interested in their growth. 

3. Promote your Idea

For your business to grow, you need to promote your brand. Whether online or offline, know where your audience is and position yourself accordingly. The fitness industry is huge and there are a lot of people who are likely offering the same or similar products or services. For your business to be seen, you need to promote yourself on the right channel. The good thing is the social media has come in handy to provide various opportunities to create brand awareness and grow. 

4. Keep Educating Yourself

This is one area you don’t want to take for granted if you want to keep up with the highly competitive industry. There are a lot of businesses who claim to be the best with nothing to show for it. Your business should be result-based and you can only attract new clients and retain existing ones when they see results. Besides, you need to keep abreast of the Industry trends, training and any other advancement. “The fitness industry keeps evolving, so should you”, Scott Capelin advises.

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Workout after COVID Vaccine

Can you Workout After COVID Vaccine?

According to experts including Scott Capelin, it depends on your side effects that whether can workout after COVID Vaccine or not. The Covid vaccine can cause side effects such as fatigue, headaches and fever, as well as soreness and tenderness in the arm.

While these are short term side effects that usually only last a couple of days, they are side effects that might make you feel like you don’t want to exercise.

But interestingly, preliminary research and papers indicate that physical exercise has the potential to improve the vaccine outcome, says Scott Capelin, the fitness expert.

Link between exercising and a positive vaccine outcome

Years of research in the field of exercise – and studies looking at the effects of exercise on the immune system specifically – have shown that the immune system is responsive to the effects of exercise, which you likely know. Regular exercise and a balanced diet = a healthy immune system, right?

Well, sure, but there’s more to it than that. “In the 2009 swine flu epidemic, those who exercised regularly were found to have lower rates of infection – and less severe infections, says Scott Capelin.

However, what type of vaccine is best assisted by exercise is unknown, and that there is no agreed consensus on the amount or type of exercise that might be required, or when it needs to be undertaken.

Not to mention the fact that during exercise, there is a subtle increase in stress hormones, leading to the release of interleukin -6 (IL -6). “This is a potent anti-inflammatory mediator – meaning that, after exercise, chronic inflammation is dampened down for several hours,” explains Scott Capelin.

Bottom line:

if, post-vaccination, the arm pain subsides, or you have no side effects, Scott Capelin says you should feel free to train. If you do experience side effects, however, then it is advised to wait until they subside before you go back into full training.

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Workout in Pandemic

COVID-19 Pandemic has Changed the Way of Workout

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed every aspect of our lives including – business, lifestyle, health, economy, and workout, says Scott Capelin – fitness expert. It seems that fitness is one of the many industries that experience the hardest hit with the gym closures and social distancing. However, industry experts have looked for ways to weather the storm and grow stronger amidst it all. Fitness enthusiasts have also looked for ways to stay fit and sane at these trying times. This has given birth to different trends that many believe will rock the post-pandemic life.

We ask industry-expert, Scott Capelin, an established entrepreneur and health and fitness guru, sharing his views on workout trends during pandemic.

At-home fitness equipment are experiencing a massive demand

Spawned by the pandemic lockdowns and gym closures, fitness equipment retailers experience a massive sale more than ever. And while things seem to be returning to normalcy and gyms being opened, many consumers are still enjoying the conveniences that workout from home has to offer. Benches, dumbbells, resistance bands are parts of the many equipment homeowners are stocking at home. Fitness brands that are unknown are also brought to the limelight as consumer demands spike to an all-time high. The pandemic has shed more light on how important it is to make health a priority and they are ready to shell out cash on at-home equipment to stay in shape.  

Hybrid experiences becomes the norm

“Before the pandemic, conducting virtual workout classes seems far away into the future. But 2020 has seen an explosion in digital solutions as fitness experts are finding a new way to deliver their services’’, Scott Capelin says.  “I believe that the businesses will incorporate more in-person classes and online classes. Fitness enthusiasts have grown used to the convenience and flexibility that hybrid experience is offering and this isn’t stopping anytime soon,” Scott adds. Brands who didn’t have an online presence a few years ago are now embracing digital solutions and in-person service to provide ultimate experience. You don’t have to drive kilometres to gyms. You can always workout during work break or between zoom meetings. Consumers’ interest and mindset are changing and fitness experts are here for it. 

Bite-sized work out becomes the way out for a busy schedule

For anyone having a hard time going to the gym due to a heavy schedule or couldn’t work out as they like, a bite-sized workout has been the answer to a crazy life schedule. “I am a huge fan of bite-sized workouts and the idea of exercise “snacks” to keep the blood pumping is a good one. Even if it’s only 12 minutes anytime you have the time. Working out smart doesn’t have to be hard, doesn’t have to be in a fancy gym and they definitely don’t have to be long, “Scott Capelin explains. It’s the little things that add up and studies have shown that smaller sessions of exercise are very effective in keeping diseases at bay.

Gyms are coming up with innovative ways of conducting fitness classes outside

Many gyms are going creative in order to ensure safe workout. Some are practicing the highest standard of hygiene putting down safety measures such as hand sanitizing, wearing of masks and social distancing. Others are going creative to ensure fitness classes still remain an enjoyable one. Fitness is being taken beyond the four walls of the gym to outdoors with social distancing still being practiced. Another trend is the use of bubbles to ensure social distancing while exercising outside. “While it might take some time for the pandemic to be over, fitness experts still need to look for ways to keep clients active and healthy in a world that is battling with COVID-19,” Scott Capelin concludes.

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Exercise Choices

Ultimate Exercise Choices

The fitness expert – Scott Capelin, talks a lot about being in great physical shape as that is our approach to health. There are hundreds of other things we can do for our health, which are all valid that I have not touched on here. Things such as massage, getting a colonic, acupuncture, chiro, physio, osteopathy, gut health, infra-red sauna … the list goes on.

Most health issues these days relate to heart health and weight-related illnesses, which is why the foundation of peak health is being in great physical shape, says Scott Capelin. Through my work I see people become lighter, stronger, more flexible, and have more stamina and endurance. I am yet to see a person in peak physical shape who does not feel incredible.

This, then leads to the question—what type of exercise should you do?

You may think this is going to be a lengthy section of the book, and it could be. However, Scott Capelin keeping it brief.

The best long-term exercise regimens are the ones that you enjoy. It doesn’t matter how good something is for you because if you don’t enjoy your weekly exercise plan, chances are it will not last long, says Scott Capelin. If your goal is to live at a healthy weight, remember that nutrition is 90 percent of this. Exercise is just the icing on the cake. If you get your nutrition right, you can do what you like for exercise. Eating in the manner we have outlined in previous chapters of this book can get you to a healthy weight. However, it does not make you fit, strong, and flexible. Exercise does that.

Just one mode or method of exercise will never complete the entire health and wellness picture. If all you do is walk every day, you will lack strength. If you only lift heavy weights, you won’t work the smaller muscles and will run the risk of injury. If you only do yoga, you won’t stimulate your metabolism as much as you could by incorporating more resistance training. If you only do Pilates, you will get strong in a certain way, but lack strength in other areas. And if you have no balance or mobility, it doesn’t matter how strong you are, you will blow over in a stiff wind!

Many people have been conditioned to believe you have to smash yourself with high intensity exercise in order to achieve good results. You do not! There is a much smarter, more enjoyable, sustainable way to exercise. In fact, the higher the intensity of the exercise you do, the more muscle you burn, which lowers your metabolism, and your appetite will increase from the harder training. It’s not a good combination!

The Ideal Exercise Combo

Scott Capelin spent many years training fitness models–they don’t do 10-kilometer road runs. They do the right kind of resistance training, their nutrition is spot on, and they do low-intensity cardio. It is the perfect recipe for fat loss and having a wonderful body shape. Plus, it allows you to remain injury-free, and it’s a sustainable approach.

And Scott meet a lot of people in their thirties, forties, and fifties, who have done years of high intensity exercise and are now looking for a more sustainable, low-impact, enjoyable, and body-friendly exercise regimen. It is a bit of a mental shift to do exercise that does not involve heavy weights or getting your heart rate so high that you are close to vomiting, and clients are often surprised when the results are better.

Lots of people exercising 10 times per week and not only does their body not change physically, but also sometimes it gets worse. This is a function of the types of training they do and the way they eat. I also see people who exercise three or four times per week and have their nutrition spot on. They have amazing bodies and keep them that way for the long term.

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Exercise during COVID-19 Pandemic

Cope with COVID-19 Pandemic Stress using Exercise

According to fitness expert – Scott Capelin, the COVID-19 pandemic no doubt have revolutionized every aspect of our lives whether health, social, mental, economic and every other aspect you could think of. These unprecedented times have got many grappling with uncertainties and fear as the effect of the pandemic’s reality begins to unfold.

Health is in shambles, business tumbles down, job loss, changes in routine, coupled with the lockdown measure that got many to be away from their loved ones. These and many more are what led to the heightened increase in symptoms of anxieties, depression, fears and many other mental problems.

Is there a way out of this? Can exercise help in the management of COVID-19 related stress? Various studies have suggested that people who are actively involved in physical activity are more alert, more mentally resilient and are coping well at this time. Hence, we ask Scott Capelin, a health fitness expert and a booming entrepreneur to shed more light on how we can cope with pandemic stress using exercise. 

Physical activity levels have changed but you shouldn’t be

Ironically, studies have shown that exercise is the last thing many turns to during this pandemic period as compared to the sedentary lifestyle.

‘Considering the conditions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and the stay-at-home order, maintaining consistent physical activity is more difficult than ever’ Scott Capelin says. ‘For many, the schools and office closures mean there are fewer opportunities especially in activities such as sports, active commuting, walking or cycling as transportation and many other leisurely exercises.’

We tend to turn to the sedentary lifestyle even without realizing it. The lockdown and social distancing have made it so much easier to adopt a passive lifestyle. Many will rather adopt passive indoor leisure such as watching TV, being active on social media, or laying around as a way of coping with stress rather than any active leisure like exercise.  It’s not surprising that physical inactivity is taking a toll on the health, and mental well-being of many across the globe.

Gyms might be closed but you can still get a good workout

Well, we understand that the gyms are closed, you don’t have a treadmill or rowing machine at home and unfortunately, you don’t get to see your gym buddy who always motivates you to keep going in your exercise program. But the good news is that you can still get a good workout to keep your body and mental health in good shape. There are many aerobic activities that have proven to improve mood and reduce the symptoms of depression. Kids and adolescents can get involved in moderate to vigorous activities to stay active. ‘As a fitness fanatics, I still involved in high and strength training even in the comfort of my home. No weightlifting, no problem. I sometimes hold heavy items that could work as weights and it could be anything simple like a heavy backpack or box or even my kids,’ Scott Capelin explains. For adults or anyone dealing with other chronic illness, Scott Capelin recommends walking or if possible jugging, cycling or speed-walking. You can jug or take a walk outside so far you are keeping the 6-feet distance from others in order to stay safe.

Exercise still remains the key to coping with stress at this time

While we already know that exercise is good for health, it’s even more important at this period of the pandemic. Our body is made to move and that is why we cannot be healthy without moving. Exercise has proven to reduce stress, fear and anxieties and depression. It also stimulates the production of endorphins, the feel-good hormones that make it a great mood booster and positivity. These and many more are what makes exercising the real deal to stay sane and safe during these trying times. In need of more motivation to involve in physical activity? Many companies and fitness instructors are leveraging online platforms to conduct the exercise and make it more enjoyable says Scott Capelin. Although many things might be beyond our control now, we should still always make exercise and physical activity a priority.

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Lifestyle Coach

Everything About Lifestyle Coach

First, let’s identify who is a coach with Scott Capelin? In simple terms, a coach is someone who trains people in their area of expertise. Lifestyle coaching is about educating people on how to use their abilities to attain their goals. The professional assists people increase their confidence, deal with difficulties they face, achieve personal objectives, and advance the quality of their lives.

Lets explore about the lifestyle coach with Scott Capelin.

Who is a Lifestyle Coach?

A lifestyle coach is a wellness professional whose main job is to transform a client’s ideas and dreams into a reality. They do not only focus on the health and wellness of a client but also assist them to overcome stumbling blocks in their everyday life. A life coach will work with you through your personal life or your career to achieve a significant life transformation. He/she is a partner, who is there to hold your hand during your difficult and interesting times, help you see things from a different perspective, and guide you to attain your dear dreams. Life coaches have got different personality characters, shortcomings, and strengths. Benefiting from coaching depends on individual needs. Below are some of the things you will gain from a lifestyle coach Australia, Scott Capelin.

  • Assist to develop self-confidence and empowering self-image.
  • Offer support and encouragement to attain your weight goals.
  • Help you overcome everyday life obstacles, fears, and insecurities.
  • Having Someone to hold you accountable along with keeping you on track.
  • Help you identify your goals and develop a strategy on how to achieve them.
  • Help you implement your wishes and thoughts into a reality.
  • Assist you to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Guide you on how to build and maintain a solid relationship with other people.
  • Help you improve your communication skills.
  • Guide you on how to improve on managing your time accordingly.
  • Aid you to achieve harmony between your work and life.
  • Guide you when starting a new venture or improving an existing one.
  • Working with you hand in hand to achieving your financial securities and goals.
  • Help you grow in your profession, upgrade your creativity and improve your productivity.

The Work of a Lifestyle Coach

The work of a lifestyle coach is to understand a client’s mental state, physical appearances; emotions, and health nutrition. Listening to the client’s grievances and feelings and give a solution on how to overcome the situation. With their knowledge and experience, they inspire their individuals to achieve their desired objectives. A life coach will utilize communication channels such as conversation and asking questions as a way of collecting information. The questions are structured in a manner that intends to investigate the inside and outside life of a client without being offensive in any way. The feedback will help the coach to understand the client’s needs and work on a plan toward giving a solution to the issues.

Lifestyle coaches are heavily equipped with knowledge and skills to help you deal with problems says Scott Capelin, lifestyle coach. Furthermore, they are able to adjust their schedules to accommodate emergencies that may happen in the process. In most cases, a lifestyle coach will create a tailored program for each client. They do so considering their goals and obstacles. Most importantly, a lifestyle is a trained professional who will keep confidentiality of the information you give them.

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