Scott Capelin sharing his Philosophy for Fulfilment

Scott Capelin is an experienced wellness coach, life coach and business mentor who helps others master the areas of health, relationships and living a life with passion. His purpose is to maximise the abundance, joy and happiness of those he helps, by creating a balance that aligns with their own. With a deep understanding of human values, Scott helps his clients craft the life they desire with clarity and focus. He openly reflects on his experiences and the pressure of his own life’s’ challenges after making mistakes with money, health and intimacy.

The fitness expert, Scott provides the accountability and tactical support he wished he’d had through the wins, losses, success and failures in his own life. With a university degree and time spent building several businesses in the fitness, consulting, and beauty sectors, his education and experience in health and wellness has helped thousands of people unlock the door to a passionate life they love. Scott takes a birds eye view of the routines and rituals of his clients, identifying the root cause of struggles whilst focusing on what’s important and their individual goals.

And Scott Capelin is the founder of global wellness brand In Shape, In Love, Inspired! Since 1994, he has supported over 1000 health coaching clients, business owners, franchise directors, corporate thought-leaders and industry educators in creating meaningful and authentic relationships with themselves and those around them. He also operates inLIFE Wellness, a boutique health and wellness studio in Menai, that gives personal and focused fitness, strength conditioning and wellness programs to people wanting to change their lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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